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SRI BHAGYA HOMES is a dynamic and vibrant real estate developer from Chennai formed to fulfill The aspirations of people to have their own House. SRI BHAGYA HOMES has pledged itself towards fulfilling this aspiration of people and has since 28 Years worked in creating residential plots,Villas and Apartments. The Company Commenced its operations in Chennai in the Year 1994.Its Primary Business is creation of residential plots and building residences.

Its operation span across various aspects of real estate development, such as land identification and acquisition, project planning,desiging,marketing and execution. The Company's vision as a real estate development company is to develop self-reliance in young people and help them to have a home of their own.

Wrapped around this vision is the company's mission to deliver unique integrated lifestyle and work place environments and planned developments.

One of its main focus areas is developing integrated master planned communities means wherein the developments have one or more community facilities ,including hospitals, schools,retail and commerical buildings enabling a "LIVE,WORK and PLAY" theme within the same development.

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We Are

We are the dream of yours! We work on your dream home and just by placing one order in SRI BHAGYA HOMES , your dream of having a great construction can be accomplished! We all have dreams of having big buildings. Someone wants construction to set up a company, and someone wants to build up a charming house. We provide the fastest delivery without compromising the quality. Today people always seek high-quality services.

SRI BHAGYA HOMES has a record of completing big projects as fast as possible and that too without any hassle or issue to the customer. We deliver quality throughout the life cycle of the construction work starting with the selection of brick till the finished interior.

In terms of workforce and using high tech equipment, the SRI BHAGYA HOMES is unparalleled in the industry. Customers have a faith in SRI BHAGYA HOMES and on its real-time workforce that we are the people who work for valuing our customers over the money.

SRI BHAGYA HOMES is a very big body and it has huge set up of machinery. We haven’t built as a business body overnight, and our struggle for years has given us the exact fruitful aspects of the business which makes our work ethics very original and prominent.

We focus on the new trends and techniques in the construction industry and believes to provide the best service possible to you, to succeed your dreams by our hard work. SRI BHAGYA HOMES is a company which runs with reputation and quality. We handle both small and big projects.

We handle both the projects for all the standard and sized industries. Be it making a 2BHK building or even constructing a full factory layout, both are equally important to us. At the end of the day, SRI BHAGYA HOMES specifically hunts the customer satisfaction.


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